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10 Tips on Beachin with a Toddler.

1. Always take a Cooler when going to the beach with a toddler ! Pack plenty of apple juices, bottled water (especially if you are pregnant like me, Chris packs beer of course, we always pack a huge bag of fruit and veggies to snack on, and lunch meat and bread to make sandwiches! We always each light breakfast at the condo, eat lunch on the beach, and go out of dinner. It saves money and you don’t have to leave the beach. My father in law has a cooler with a speaker on it!!! Get one of those!


2. Bring a tent so your toddler can take a nap. Grayson naps everyday at 12:00. He would sleep in the tent on the beach. It was so nice not having to leave. We got ours at bed bath a beyond and it was great!!


3. Pack some baby powder!! It will help keep the sand off and you can use it before you get into the car. We forgot to bring it this year and I really missed it.



4. Every mom is different but I HATE spray sunscreen. I like the lotion kind a lot better and I always use 50 on Grayson’s body. He still gets a tan with the 50 and I try to reapply after every hour. I also love the stick for the face! Its expensive but so worth it.


5. Bring some Beach Toys for him to play with but don’t bring too much! I hate having a lug a ton of things to the beach!! Chris ends up carrying most of it thought lol



6. I always dress Grayson in a long sleeve shirt! It is one less surface to worry about burning!


7. Hats should be worn but my toddler wouldn’t let me use one!!! Hats are good for the whole family to wear because it’s hard to apply sunscreen to the head and it helps prevent skin cancer.



8. Don’t forget a puddle jumper and don’t buy a cheaper version of this. I did that last summer and just wasted my money. The puddle jumper has been a life saver!

9. If you are packing chips in your beach bag… get pringles! Why?? Because you don’t have to worry about smashing them up. I also put the bread in the cooler on top of all the ice so I don’t have to worry about messing that up either.


10. You can hide your keys and wallet in a baby wipe container that has no wipes in it!!



10 Tips on Taking a Toddler to the Beach