I cannot get enough of him in this hat!

We bought wristbands for only $12 each so we could do all the extra stuff! It was so worth it.

We loved these $10 cups!! You can get refills for only a $1.

Grayson’s Hat similar here/ Grayson’s shoes here/ My Romper here/ My sandals here

10 Tips for the St. Louis Zoo.

This zoo is amazing and we will definitely be back. Did you know it’s the second best zoo in America? What? Here are some tips that I would like it give you if you plan on going.

1. Go in the Spring or Fall. We went on the hottest day of the year. Some of the animals wouldn’t come out because of the heat. The tiger and polar bear would barely come out. Not to mention it was so hard to see all of the animals because I am pregnant and I was dying haha. It didn’t bother Grayson or Chris though.

2. If you only have a few hours at the zoo, see the penguins and the Sea lions first. We centered our day around the Sea Lion show and it was amazing. The show starts at different times. The penguin exhibit is amazing as well. Me and Grayson laughed so much watching them play.

3. Get a Wristband for sure. So the wrist band allows you to go to the kids zone, the sea lion show, the train ride, and the carnival ride. It is definitely worth it. It is $12 a person and the zoo is free admission. You just have to pay for food, drinks, parking, and the wristband. It was still cheap family entertainment that we really enjoyed.

4. You really need to go to the zoo for two days. This zoo is amazing and so big. There is enough for you to do in two days or maybe one long day. There are other things to do around St. Louis like the magic museum and Grant’s farm (that’s some insider knowledge from the locals) so make sure you have a couple days there. It is such a cool city.

5. Buy the $10 cup. First we filled it with icee but they will refill it with water for free. I thought it was way cheaper then buying a bunch of bottled water. You can refill it for only $1 if you want a soft drink. If you and your husband are gross like we are you can share a cup. It also has a handle to its easy to carry.

6. Do the kids zone last. The kids zone is included in your wrist band and it is great. It has an awesome indoor area where they can pet animals. The kids zone has a splash part as well so make sure to bring your little one an extra pair of clothes.

7. Seriously consider bringing an umbrella stroller. Grayson got tired of walking really quick lol. Chris had to carry him around. Do they make a small stroller to wear as a back pack? That would be so cool.

8. Your going to do a ton of walking so pack a light purse. Chris had his wallet and Grayson is potty trained. The only thing I was carrying was my camera and my phone. My camera has a strap and I only brought my snap kit lens. I know it doesn’t take pictures like my prime lens but it is versatile and easy for video as well. A smaller camera like a point and shoot would have been awesome. I am considering buying one of those.

9. Go to the gift shop last. Grayson picked out a toy that he loved and I didn’t have to carry it around the entire time. I only let him pick one by the way.

10. The zoo doesn’t have any service. They have a wifi that you can connect to but my phone tried to connect to the wifi the whole time that it went dead. I would seriously consider just putting your phone in airplane mode so it doesn’t use your entire battery.

I hope you loved my post and my tips. If you have been and have any other tips I could add.. I would love to include them. We are going back to this zoo for sure. St. Louis is about 3 hours away from us.

Have a great weekend,


10 Tips for the St. Louis Zoo.