We met the cutest dog named bagel!

Draper James is owed by Reese Witherspoon and the cupcake ATM is so cool!

Such a great taco shop. Super casual and pretty authentic. It’s kid friendly and the cheese dip is so good. Husband approved for sure.

Bar Taco is my favorite lunch spot on 12th ave. south. The duck taco is by far the best and the mexican corn is to die for. The wait is usually really long but you can do call ahead seating. It’s such a great atmosphere.

The best part of 12th Ave South are the walls!! There are so many fun walls to take pictures!

We tried this gourmet popsicle shop and it was so good. Grayson loves coconut popsicles. 🙂

Gourmet popsicle shops.

Ruffle Top only $54 here Shorts (they are SO comfortable) $49 simliar here Shoes similar here

Grayson’s vineyard vines tee shirt here Seersucker shorts here   Native Shoes (I am obsessed with these shoes, we have worn them all summer long) here

We had a great day at 12th Ave South. This location is my favorite in the Nashville area. I think part of it is because there is always an awesome wall mural to take a picture with. But the restaurants are really soooo good. My favorite is Bar Taco so far and I haven’t tried them all. The neatest thing about 12th Ave South is the variety. You can have frothy monkey for a coffee, 5 Daughter’s Bakery for dessert, Mafiaoza’s for pizza or Bar Taco for street tacos. It’s really one of the best spots in Nashville so the next time you visit… make plans to go there.

I will link my outfit below,


12th Avenue South Nashville, TN.