The Pros and Cons of Being 24 Weeks Pregnant.

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I cannot believe I am already 24 weeks pregnant. I only have 16 weeks left and I am so excited. I know a lot of moms just love being pregnant. There are definitely some pros and cons to being pregnant and I will share them with you. This is such a fun post because I have been wanting to tell everyone how I feel for a while.


  • If you are waiting in line to the bathroom people will let you go first.
  • If there isn’t any seat available most of the time people will get up to let you sit down.
  • No one says anything to you if you get seconds… actually they encourage it.
  • You get to feel your little baby kick. It is pretty awesome to know she is moving in there.
  • Your husband might talk to your belly and it is the cutest thing in the world. Chris will say, “Hey Anslee Kate, this is your father” in a Darth Vader voice.
  • Your husband does a lot for you and if you want to get out of something just say that your are pregnant.
  • You can say “I am pregnant” for a lot of things you want to get out of actually.
  • Toys R Us and Babies R US has a parking spot for expected mothers to park in. That’s pretty awesome.
  • You save money going out with your friends because you can’t buy alcohol.
  • Some people will give you compliments while you are pregnant and say “you are glowing!” or my favorite, ” You don’t even look pregnant!”
  • You get to have Ultrasounds and they are so special every single time.
  • If it’s your second baby then your first child will cuddle with you a ton.
  • Dogs like to hang out with you more. My dog lays next to my stomach and she follows me everywhere.
  • After you eat a big meal you don’t have to worry about your stomach poking out.
  • You get this awesome gun thing when you register for your baby shower and you try to put embarrassing products on there like nipple cream. I totally did that.
  • Your hair becomes really thick and amazing looking. Then it will all fall out when the baby comes. haha


  • People will say mean things to you so just get ready. These are my favorite and yes these are all based on my own true events.
    • “You are exploding out of your clothes!”
    • “Are you sure you are not having twins?”
    • “Your face looks pregnant!”
    • “You look huge!!”
    • “You can’t drink coffee, you are pregnant!”
    • “You can’t get your hair done, you are pregnant!”
    • “That baby will come when they are ready!”- and you are 4 days past your due date.
    • “You look pregnant!”
    • “You are about to pop!”
    • You are making your second cup of coffee, “I love that you are one of those moms that doesn’t care!”
    • “You can’t jump… you are pregnant!”
    • “You can’t run,,,, you are pregnant!”
    • “Are you drinking enough water?”
    • You tell someone you are craving pizza, “you better slow down or you are going to get huge!”
  • You can be super sick. I was for months.
  • They beg and beg for you to tell them the baby’s name, you tell them, and they say they hate it.
  • You are tired all the time.
  • You can’t ride roller coasters or jump on trampolines. Sure this isn’t a big deal, until you see everyone else doing it.
  • Your favorite foods can disgust you.
  • People sometimes like to stare. You are so tempted to look at them and say, “Hey what’s up! I’m pregnant!”
  • Your clothes will stop fitting and you have to either buy maternity or wear nothing. haha
  • Maternity clothes are expensive to only wear a few months.
  • Random people touch your belly. That’s weird.
  • Strangers will talk to you and it’s super awkward. Usually they will ask you if you are pregnant? Don’t ever ask anyone if they are pregnant. Even if they look like they are about to pop. That is advice from my OBGYN lol.
  • You can cry during commercials.
  • You get mad and irritated at the smallest things.
  • People that have never bothered you before all of a sudden start to bother you.
  • Everyone gives you advice on what to eat or what medicines to take and you don’t ask for that advice whatsoever.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Please just be nice to women that are pregnant. They are HIGHLY sensitive and they are probably tired and sore from carrying around a huge baby. I think you are thinking to yourself wow that girl is getting big but keep it to yourself. She is growing a human and already doesn’t feel very pretty.

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The Pros and Cons of Being 24 Weeks Pregnant.