Happy Saturday everyone! I am on the way to a wedding with Chris. My mother in law is watching Grayson and we got a hotel room for the night. I always think it’s fun to get away with Chris. We don’t have a sitter in Paducah so any alone time we can get it is the best.

This blog post just came to mind while we were at the park yesterday. I am so happy it’s spring because we go to the park at least once a week. I am always looking for ways for us to stay active. Our family loves to go to the park because it is a great way for everyone to exercise and its free. We found a cute park in Paducah, Kentucky where Grayson can feed the ducks and play on the playground.

1. Take a Walk. Our family will make a couple laps around the entire park. It is a great way for us to relax and Grayson always has to be first. It doesn’t get your heart rate up like running but its something everyone in the family can do, even the dog.

2. Spin in circles. Grayson loves spinning in circles and this was great exercise for me and Chris. After the first time he wanted to keep spinning and it was so fun. Just be careful when your done because we got super dizzy.

3. Race each other. Chris and I love racing with Grayson in the park. But he gets mad if he doesn’t win. haha

4. Play with him on the playground. I know it’s so easy to just sit on the bench and watch your kids play. I use to do that all the time. But now I will go down the slides and swing. It’s great exercise for everyone.

When we came home from the park last night Grayson was so tired he passed out on the couch. Can you say a mom win??? My adorable baseball T shirt is Matilda Jane. Shop my look below!

4 Ways to Have Fun at The Park.