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 37 Week Bumpdate!!
I cannot believe that I am at 37 weeks? I guess this pregnancy is flying by. I cannot wait to meet my little baby girl but I will probably miss her little kicks. I have been nesting like crazy but nothing in my house is ready for her. We are moving into a 3 bedroom apartment but it will not be ready for another couple weeks. There is a possibility we will be moving while I have a newborn. Talk about stressful? I am 2 cm dilated and I have been eating pineapple like crazy. Everyone tells me that pineapple will help you go into labor. I have been researching so many ways to induce labor naturally but I don’t even know what the point is. I was induced with Grayson so I wonder if I will go past my due date with her too?
I teamed up with Bumpboxes to review this awesome box subscription for pregnant mothers. I wanted to show my pregnant followers and maybe they can get it as a gift while they are pregnant.
What was included in my box:
  • Headband for labor- super comfortable and will be great for keeping my hair back.
  • Foot soak- leaves your feet amazingly soft and it’s all natural
  • Water bottle- It says, “feeling fly as a mother”. I have been so thirsty and I am always looking for a big water bottle. You need to drink plenty of water while pregnant and breastfeeding so I am so glad this is in my box.
  • Foot rubs ball- My husband and I have been using this ball on our feet. It is great for a pregnant mother’s swollen feet.
  • Lip Mask- The lip mask is hard to stay on your face. You have to lay down and two of them were broken in the pack. My lips did feel great after one use. It is made with coconut oil.
  • Post Pregnancy Cream- This cream is supposed to naturally tighten the skin and reduce cellulite after pregnancy. I cannot wait to try this cream. I will need it for sure.

I love how the box contains natural and healthy products. This is great for a health-conscious momma. If you don’t like a product they will let you return it for store credit! I also like how it is tailored to your due date. This is such a great gift for a pregnant momma. The box is $40 a month but the more months you subscribe the cheaper it is.

Here is the link to shop at bumpboxes. com click here

More than likely Annslee Kate will have her big reveal on the blog so don’t forget to subscribe! I can’t wait for yall to meet her!





Bump Boxes Review