Hey guys! I want to tell you how fast and easy this Make My Book Service is by Shutterfly. Being a working mom and blogger I never have time to scrapbook anymore. Scrapbooking was one of my favorites things to do. Shutterfly is making scrapbooking quick and simple by this make my book service. All you have to do is upload 60-200 photos, pick a theme, and they make the book for you. Worried you won’t like it? Don’t worry because they let you approve it before it’s done! The second I saw it I loved it and did not change a thing. The stylist even emailed me to make sure I had everything in correct order. I cannot believe how fast they made this book. I ordered an extra book to give to my parents and in laws. I just picked a modern theme but they have different themes like vacation, holidays, birthdays and more. Make your own book and use hashtag #shutterfly . I want to see everyones book.

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