TIP: Braid your pony tail so it doesn’t get in your way when you are working out!! I love a braided pony while I am working out! I do it all the time.

Don’t do this slow. Integrate these between sets, keep going from station to station, make sure your keeping heart rate up while building muscle. 30-60 minutes. Even 20 minutes a day will bring immediate results. Great for busy working people, busy moms, dads, everyone. Quick way to squeeze in a good burn at home, hotel gyms and the answer to a great body with the busy lives we have daily.

Just need 3 things:
– pair of 10, 20 or 30 lbs dumbbells ($20)
– yoga mat ($10)
– leg weights that strap or velcro on. ($10)

Work out plan:
– lunges 25reps 3x
– curls 10-30 lbs dumbbells (curls with your body completely still just curl and move elbows) 25 reps 3x
– squats with one db holding top of the weight or holding two by side (25reps 3x)
– push ups with Db’s right below your shoulders/arm pit (do push ups on knees until strong enough to do full push-ups)
– lawnmowers: stand in a half squat position and pull weights straight up and tap ground and pull back up. 20reps (3x)
– T’s (raise dumbbells from hips to parallel to shoulders, meet weights in middle chest, back to a T at shoulder width then drop weights down to hips) 10reps 3x
– sideways leg raises parallel to a wall, leg kickers straight back and at angle. So side ways, 2/3 back and straight back. (Keeps legs straight with ankle weights) 10reps 3x
– same workout on elbows and knees. (Side turns with hips, kickers back, straight leg out raises) 10 reps 3x

Stretch before and after work out thoroughly. Mix sets between work outs, only 30 sec breaks between. You’ll be burning calories while building muscle.