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Isn’t pregnancy one of the most amazing gifts God has ever given? It is so easy for me to sit and complain about my pain and discomfort. I decided today that pregnancy is so hard to enjoy but you have to look on the brighter side of things. I am terrible at patience and waiting on anything to arrive, especially packages from Nordstrom, so can you only image me sitting her waiting for a baby?

Is the nursery ready? Absolutely not. We are moving next weekend. Am I little crazy? Yes, probably so. But God wouldn’t give us anything we can’t handle and I might have to calm down my OCD tendencies down a little. I am a perfectionist. I want everything to be just right but sometimes you need to take a big deep breath and chill out.


Marriage is hard and kids make things a little harder sometimes. It doesn’t matter how much money we have or don’t have because we have each other. I cannot believe I get to grow this little family and I seriously have the best partner to help me.Some days I wonder how I got lucky enough to find him. This man has patience and watching it through every day life has taught me so much. He is far from perfect but he is definitely the perfect match for me. I remember all the support he gave while I was in labor with Grayson for 20 hours and pushed for 3 of them. My labor experience was a very stressful and traumatic event for me. But he held my hand through the entire thing.


He was napping when I took these pics but we have gotten so close over the past 2 weeks. I have taken time out of life to give him full attention and hang out with him. This morning Chris event commented how he has been attached to my hip. He rubs my belly constantly and tells me to tell Annslee Kate to get out. I think he is going to be the best big brother and I know he will help me with little sister. But he has made it extremely clear that he is not changing her diaper. haha I don’t blame you buddy.

Annslee Kate:

I can’t wait to meet you. I hope I can teach you that beauty on the inside is more important then the outside. I want to braid your hair and go shopping for makeup. I can’t wait to help you through every terrible breakup and teach you how to handle mean girls. I hope you are girly because I will not know how to handle it if you are not. I can’t wait to be your best friend but also be your mother.

The blog will be the first announcement of Annslee-Kate and I have something super fun I have been putting together for her arrival. Thanks for following a long with my little growing family. If you think about us please say a prayer for a smooth and healthy delivery. Labor and delivery is one of the scariest things a mother faces and the more support the better.



Full Term and Waiting on my Sweet Annslee Kate