Hey Everyone!

I hope y’all are having an amazing weekend. I am so excited that things are starting to bloom and it is getting warmer. A lot of people ask me about my hair extensions and I teamed up with hidden crown hair extensions to show you what a difference hair extensions make. As you can see there is a before and after picture of my hair extensions.

Before extensions

After extensions

Not only does it give my hair length but it also gives it body. It really makes my braids stand out more. Usually I wear clip in extensions and these are not clip in. Click here to watch a video on how to wear these halo extensions.

Here is 3 reasons why I absolutely love them:

1. They are so comfortable. A lot more comfortable then clip ins. Clip in extensions can really bother you as the day goes on.

2. They are discrete.They do not show as bad as clip in extensions. Sometimes if you don’t put clip in extensions just right they can show when you hair moves a certain way.

3. They are great quality. The hair is real hair and they are so easy to style. Most of the time I just curl my extensions once and then I don’t have to curl them every time I put them in.

I would not recommend a product unless I absolutely believe it in. Even though this post is sponsored all of my words are my own. I hope you snag some extensions for this summer. Extensions are worth every penny and I have been hooked for 2 years now.

Happy Spring!


Hidden Crown Hair Extensions