We had so much fun in Arizona for my cousin’s wedding. I wanted to do a lot of sight seeing and touristy things but I was a wedding guest so I could not do everything.

Here were two things I did and how you should prepare for them..

1. Botanical Garden in Scottsdale Arizona. This place is absolutely amazing and we were going crazy the first 20 minutes we were there. If you are going and you want to take a lot of pictures on your DSLR camera I would go late in the afternoon. If you do go during the day I would put on some sunscreen and do not forget your sunglasses. Carry a small purse also.. I wish I would have. I cannot believe the variety of cacti. It was so amazing to see!

2. Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. First things first, there is a hard side of the mountain and an easy side. We did a hard side. I thought I was in good shape but this was by far the hardest hike I have ever encountered.

1. Make sure you bring tons of water. It says 1 liter per person.

2. Load up on sunscreen! I forgot it!

3. Wear workout clothes. (I almost wore jeans- That was funny)

4. Stretch.

5. Its a really hard hike so you might want to consider the easy side!

My Favorite Places to Visit in Arizona