What You Need to Buy Before You Get Started. 

1. Salty Snacks- Goldfish is what we did. The flavor blasted ones. I swear there is more salt in those. lol They are so good!  
Tons of Juice/Milk. I am the worst dental assistant/blogger ever. They should be drinking water. 
3.Plenty of Underwear. I bought $40 worth of underwear in all of his favorite characters and I could have bought more.
4.Have plenty of stain remover on hand in case they have an accident. We use Shout. 
5.Plenty of Wipes. 
6.Carpet cleaner. I use the pet kind because it will get the urine odor out. 
I use an organic cleaner from Kroger and I put lemon essential oil in it and shake it up. I am on an essential oil kick and I will talk more about them in a later blog post. I use this to spray off his potty after every use. 
7.A little potty. The first potty picture below is the one we use for Grayson. It is from Fisher Price and you can click on the picture below and it will take you directly to Amazon to purchase. It sings and lights up, he loves it. 
An insert to go into the big potty. I am trying to transition him into using the big potty more. The potty with the ladder was just purchased from Amazon and I cannot wait to use them.

Let’s Do This!

Dont. Go. ANYWHERE. for the entire weekend. Set that whole entire weekend aside for staying indoors. I started on Friday morning and by Saturday night it clicked and he got it.
Every kid is different. Don’t get upset if you think your kid is not going to be potty trained. They will, just stay with it, and try not to stress out.
Grayson only wore his underwear the entire time. I didn’t put anything else on him.
I read him an elmo book about going to the potty and we also watched a youtube video about going to the potty. I want to believe every little thing I did helped.
Set a timer. I used the one on our stove. Every 20 minutes I sat him on the potty. I am going to go ahead and tell you that Grayson threw a fit, cried, and did not want to sit on the potty. I just told him “No Grayson, we are a big boy now and we are going to use the potty.” He threw a fit for like the first hour. He wanted his diaper back on but I didn’t give in.
If he doesn’t pee in the potty when the timer goes off say, “You don’t need to pee pee Grayson?, that’s okay we will try later.”
Every 20 minutes sit him on the potty until he finally goes.
I have a boy so I taught him to pee sitting down and he can point his penis down himself. I had to show him how at first though. Some people teach boys standing up.
I had him watch Daddy a lot too. I think this helped a little.
When your toddler goes in the potty praise them. So my parents use to sing a song to me and I sung it to him. Sing, dance, slap your booty, and be so silly. It will make your toddler realize this is fun!
Not only do I praise him but I give him one m&m or gummy. (This works people)
When your toddler poops in the potty give a big reward. He got ice cream. Just a little spoon full and he poops in the potty all the time.
So when your toddler pees in their underwear… run them to the potty and say “no, no, we don’t pee pee on the floor, yucky!”
Tell your toddler not to pee pee on their favorite character on their underwear. I would say, “Chase from paw patrol doesn’t like pee pee on him, aww, don’t make him sad.”
So now we are going out of the house. My trick is to put him in his underwear and put a pull up over it. Your toddler can feel the pee and tell you that he/she has to go but if they have an accident it won’t get on their clothes. After a couple weeks I will let him go out in public without a pull up. I am just scared. haha.
I still up a pull up on him at night.
We are having a hard time at daycare because he won’t tell his teachers that he needs to potty. But we are not backing down. I tell him everyday that he needs to tell his teacher that he needs to go potty. He is just really shy. He has a lot of accidents at daycare but sometimes he will pee in the potty for them. At home he is really good and doesn’t have any accidents.
Tip: some people say to have your toddler aim at a cheerio if they are a boy. This didn’t work for Grayson but it might work for your little one.
Tip: Sticker charts work for some people. I didn’t try it but I know it would work.
Have fun, don’t stress, be silly, and be patient. He still has accidents, he still pees in the floor sometimes, and he still pees in his diaper at night. But we are learning what works for us and that is what it is all about. Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps you and your precious little. 🙂

How I Potty Trained My Toddler in 2 Days!