Pair your T-shirts with a cute printed skirt.

You can dress up a T shirt with a line skirt like this one or you can even do a maxi skirt. In this outfit I pulled some of the blue from the a line skirt and tied it into the blue t shirt. If the sleeves are a little long you can cuff them up just a little bit. It depends on the t-shirt though. This one is made with a great light weight material (which is awesome for summer!) This one comes from a cute christian inspired Esty shop called The Graceful Olive. This beauty and the best inspired t shirt says “Beauty is found within” 1 Peter 33:4. I love the message this t shirt brings. I hope to teach Grayson that clothes and shoes are nice but what really is important is the beauty within us. Click here to shop this t-shirt.

I found my a line skirt’s twin. Click on the picture below and it will take you directly to shop.

Pair your t-shirts with a cute vest.

You cannot beat a pair of skinny jeans and converse. That is my go to fashion staple. I found this super cute vest at Kolhs and I love it. It goes great with almost everything. So you can pair your t-shirts with a cute jean jacket or vest like this one! How cute are these matching shirts though? I am a very blessed momma. He is the most lovey kid on earth. I love matching with Grayson. It’s hard sometimes because he is a boy and I am a girl, but t-shirts like this make it super easy.These t shirts are also from The Graceful Olive

How to Dress Up a T Shirt.