Date Night Ideas That YourMan Will Love!

1. Surprise your BAE with Pizza and a 6 pack of beer.

 Men are simple creatures. They love your home cooked meals (trust me they really do)! But if you keep your hubby/boyfriend on a healthy eating schedule.. PIZZA and beer will surprise the heck out of them! 


2. Make a fort in the floor and watch his favorite show/movie.

Watch a basketball or football game (like really watch it) and be engaged with it. Don’t just sit on your phone. Set your phone aside and WATCH something with your man that he really likes. Cheer on his favorite team!! 


3. Play XBOX with him.

Chris loves when I play call of duty. If I can be quite honest… I really like killing zombies. I may die a million times and he has to “pick me up” (bring me back to life), but he loves playing with me! 


4. Play a sport together.

Find a local gym and play some basketball or if it’s warmer play tennis. A little friendly competition really keeps the relationship alive and why not exercise while you do it. I think it spices up the relationship for sure. Sometimes I even go with him to the golf course. 



Date Night Ideas that Your Man Will Love