Every girl loves a great pony tail! 

Every girl loves a great pony tail! 


The Messy Pony 

I love a great pony tail. Its super easy and you don’t have to worry about your hair getting messed up all day.


For this hairstyle you need:

1. Extensions (optional) 

2. 2 hair ties

3. A curling wand. 


Step 1:  So after you are done blow drying your hair, take a wand and curl some pretty tight curls. A trick for awesome wand curls — put the hairspray in before you curl. I usually take my fingers and brush through the waves a little. 

Step 2: Clip your extensions in normal (about 1 inch above the ear). Before I would clip them in upside down but you really don’t have to do that. It works out fine when you pull it up. 

Step 3: Pull up all your hair and take out the front pieces before you tie it with your hair tie. This is probably the most important tip because when you try to pull your hair out after it is already up it can mess up the hairstyle. 

Step 4: Use two hair ties not one. You need some support for all that hair. Plus I think two hair ties are way more comfortable for some reason. I don’t have to wrap them around as much. 


YAY! You have done the messy pony and it looks cute throughout the day! I can do a video tutorial of this hairstyle if you want. Go to my instagram pic and comment ❤️. 



The Messy Pony