Must Have Faux Fur Fashion Vest! 

In today’s blog post I am going to give you some info about my outfit and hair! So its like a two in one. YAY!


1. First curl our hair with a wand curling iron. Extensions and all!! If you don’t have extensions thats okay! 

2. Grap top section of hair and tie with an elastic. It doesn’t matter what color the elastic is because we will cover it up! 

3. Take a 1 in piece of the hair in the pony tail and wrap it around the elastic.

4. Once you wrap your hair completely around secure it with a bobby pin.


Outfit Details 

1. I got the vest from Jane.com. But I got it last year so I doubt they still have it. I linked a white one that is to die for! 

2. Plaid shirts and vests are super cute together! Every girl needs a red plaid shirt.

3. Taupe over the knee boots are my absolute favorite right now. I got these from Macys for $35.40! Can you believe it? You need to grab some! 

Must have faux fur vest!