Matching Christmas Pajamas

Hey everyone! I haven’t been able to blog lately because I have been so busy with Christmas. If another mom is reading this then you understand what I mean! Christmas is such a busy time of the year. 

So I came across these adorable matching pjs at Old Navy when I went Black Friday shopping. I tried to find them at oldnavy.com but I could not find them on their website (they might be sold out).  I linked similar matching pjs from Macy’s.

The pjs from Macy’s have sizes for the whole family unlike the ones from Old Navy (I was pretty sad that Chris couldn’t join in our matching game).

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas. Christmas is about spending time with the ones you love. I am so blessed with my hubby and baby. I really would not have it any other way. They make me so happy! 🙂 

Matching Christmas Pj’s