How to Style Olive Green Pants. 

I love these high waisted green pants from TJ maxx. I found some similar ones at LuLu’s and I have linked them below. They are a must have for this fall. I was really surprised how many outfits I could style with them. Black and olive go together so well too. 

Every girl needs a good black purse and brown purse. These purses go with everything for fall. They are both Tory and Burch and I paid literally half if not less then what you would normally pay. I used an app called Poshmark and it is like girl heaven. You can bid on used items that people sell out of their closet. Both purses were in excellent condition and barely worn. I need to start selling my stuff on that app (my husband would probably appreciate that.) 





Outfit 1

  • Black Booties 
  • Loose  Black shirt
  • Small Black Tory and Burch purse. 
  • Black Hat 
  • Black tie necklace 
  • Olive green high waisted pants

Outfit 2 

  • Brown Booties 
  • Loose fitting black tee
  • Brown double buckle belt
  • Brown Tote
  • Olive green high waisted pants 

How to Style Olive Green Pants.