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I know these are just a yellow pair of shoes but they are a huge symbol for me. Over the past year or so I have faced a pretty big fear. I started a blog. I waited too long to take the plunge because I was so afraid to fail.

I am still afraid to fail. I will always be afraid to fail with this blog. I am afraid no one is reading. I am afraid that no one listens. I am afraid my content isn’t really that good. I am afraid I am not dedicating enough time. I am afraid I have spent money that will go down the drain. I am afraid I am not spending enough time with my friends and family. I am afraid I am not trying to be a better employee at work. I am afraid my house is a mess. I am afraid my husband is mad and doesn’t understand. I am afraid Grayson doesn’t have the best mom he could have right now because I am working 40 hours a weeks and blogging the rest. I am afraid I won’t get to catch up on the office. I am afraid I am not eating healthy enough or cooking dinner as much as I should.

There comes a point when you overcome your fears. When you literally decide that you are not afraid to fail. That it’s okay to cry yourself to sleep over your blog. That there really is SOMEONE (even if it’s literally just one person) reading your content. It’s okay that you got fast food for dinner. It’s okay that Grayson is watching his mom strive to be a strong entrepreneur. It’s okay that your husband is doing the chores because he doesn’t want to pay for a cleaning lady.

I went shopping by myself about three weeks ago. I bought this gorgeous blue dress that will make it to the blog soon. I went to the shoe isle and of course I was looking for something white or nude. Then I came across these yellow pointed toe heels. I picked them up at gazed at them for about 2 minutes. When the store clerk asked if I needed any help I said sure I would like a size 7 in these shoes. I was like wait… No. I cannot buy yellow shoes. I am scared they are not going to go with anything. They are not going to go with this dress. I am never going to wear them again. FEAR.

I know it sounds silly but I was afraid to buy Yellow shoes. Fear can get the best of us sometimes. We have such a fear of what people are going think about us? You know when I started to care less about what people thought negatively about me? The day I started a blog. Yellow shoes are my personality that I get to show the world every single day. My one takeaway for you is to face one fear today and do what you always wanted to do.

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