Hey Everyone!!!

Just a little life update on the Schwartz fam! We are HAVING A GIRL!! Is this even real? I wanted a girl so bad. Everyone said that I needed a girl because I am so girly. So today’s post is pink inspired for my sweet Annslee Kate. The name is from my middle name Ann and it has been in the family for 5 generations! Crazy huh? Lee comes from my dad’s middle name. I am feeling so great. My morning sickness is gone and I can feel her every night. She is so active and I love it. I haven’t been feeling good or pretty at all until this second trimester. I feel like I am finally like my original self.

So our family is living in an apartment and our rent is outrageous because the apartment is brand new. We are probably going to make some decisions pretty soon and will possibly be buying a house around here. I really want to Chip and Joanna something but my husband is afraid to put a nail in the wall haha sorry Chris. I would love to get my hands dirty and re-create something beautiful. We need an extra room for the baby and we cannot stand paying this high rent anymore. We will keep y’all updated on the house plans.




I love it and its amazing for summer. It helps keep the hair out of your face but your hair is still down. I curled my hair by wrapping it around a 3/4 inch curling iron! It curls it quicker then a wand. I use clear elastics to pull my hair up and I am wearing extensions for this hairstyle.

Thanks everyone for reading and keeping up with my family,

Kelly Ann and Annslee Kate 😉

Pink for Annslee Kate!