Hey guys, today’s blog post is about being yourself. I really don’t have a certain style, and I try really hard to be a cool mom! Sometimes I sing and dance at the house and Grayson will say “Stop Mommy!”. Does he already think that I am not cool? (lol) Sometimes I feel like I cannot shop at certain stores or departments because I am a mom and I think I need to dress my age. I decided this weekend that I am going to stop feeling trapped between a teenager and a middle aged woman. I am Abraidedblonde. I can dress in what makes me happy. So this outfit is from American eagle and I absolutely love it! I have been eyeing a cute band tee for a while now and I finally found this one. Who doesn’t love a great flare pant? I forgot how awesome flare jeans make your curves look. It is an awesome feeling to show your personality through your own style. Be true to yourself. Shop my look below.

Thanks for reading and shopping with me,



Trying to Be a Cool Mom