It’s spring and that means everyone is cleaning their house like crazy. I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon just yet :). When I do decide to spring clean, I will be doing it with only natural essential oils. I decided a year ago to help make my family healthy by the use of essential oils but I never really talk about them. Except for at lunch the other day with the girls and they told me I need to write a blog post about it.

I have noticed a huge difference in my family’s health since I started using essential oils. But even if you are not a huge fan of diffusing them in your house, or applying them topically, did you know that they can serve as a great healthy and natural cleaner? This post is going to show you the different ways I use oils and I also show you some of my favorites.


why is she so squishy though???



Air Scense

Did you know that Walgreens banned some air fresheners from the shelves? YIKES! that’s scary. I use Air Sense air fresheners because its made with all natural essential oils and not harsh chemicals. I just can’t even imagine using those chemicals around my babies for them to breathe in.

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On GuardLemon

On guard from Doterra purifies and disinfects naturally. Not to mention it helps your immune system. Lemon also helps to purify and it smells so good. I take a few drops of each, put it in a spray bottle, and shake it up. Anything Grayson or Annslee Kate come in contact with like Grayson’s little potty training potty, the kitchen counters, or anything in the house that I want to clean is used with this homemade spray and a paper towels.  Not to mention when I spray this homemade cleaner, people always ask what it is because it smells so great. It has a nice warm smell.


Lemon /LimeOn Guard

I diffuse these three oils to purify the air, kill germs that come into my house, and to help our immune systems. Both of my kids are in daycare so in the really sick months like fall and winter.. these oils are going constantly. These oils are also uplifting so they can give you some energy and improve your mood. I need all the energy I can get with having two babies running around. 🙂



Digest Zen is a blend that helps with your digestive system. The only time I have used this is when we have stomach viruses. Grayson had the stomach virus and I rub this on his belly button and he immediately stopped throwing up. I ALWAYS use a carrier oil like coconut oil when I rub oils on him. It’s because a carrier oil dilutes the oil and helps to carry it into your body without causing a skin irritation.
essential oils


One of my all-time favorite oils. There are so many uses for this oil. I put it in Grayson’s bath to calm him down. I put it in my bath to help with stress. I diffuse it at night to help us all sleep. You can also put this in a spray bottle with water to spray on your pillows. There are so many uses for lavender. It can help with blemishes, diaper rash, hair loss, odors, and eczema.

essential oils


Peppermint smells so good. You have to use a carrier oil with this though. It can be really strong. I love diffusing this oil when I am sick. It helps you breathe and it can help kill a bug.  I use to smell it when I was pregnant and nauseous. If I have sore muscles from working out I rub this all over. Really hot on a summer day and need to cool down? Apply this to your wrists.  I LOVE It.


The next oil that I really want to buy is Frankincense. Frankincense supports healthy cellular function. Which means it can contain cancer-fighting properties. It also helps to promote concentration. It is an extremely expensive oil and I have been thinking about buying it for a year.

Not a big oil person?? Look I get it. It’s hard to understand them at times. My husband thought they were silly and called it my “hippie” juice. haha Now I look over and catch him filling up the diffuser next to his bed when he has a cold. He knows they have been working for us even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

I suggest in starting with peppermint, lavender, and on guard. I would say those 3 are used the absolute most in my house and they are a decent price. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and here is a deep cleaning list for you to start on this spring 🙂

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6 Different Ways my Family uses Essential Oils.