Last Sunday we took Grayson to the Titans vs The Packers football game and I wanted to share some tips that I learned:

1. The football game is probably during his/her nap time so keep that in mind. I didn’t really think about it because Grayson has always been flexible with his nap time and not too terribly cranky if doesn’t get a nap. I have trained Grayson to sleep during the loudest conditions possible. When he was 2 months old I would talk as loud as possible and vacuum around the house. It has literally been a blessing since he slept during the football game.

2. Keep plenty of snacks with you. The people at the door will let you bring in food and drinks for your little one. Plus everyone knows the snacks at the game are really expensive. So he snacked on the things I brought for him and that is entertainment in itself haha.

3. Make sure you have a clear bag for all your diapers, wipes, snacks and drinks. They won’t let you bring in a diaper bag into the game unless it is clear for safety reasons.

4. Bring at least one little toy for him to play with. Someone gave him a little football that is in one of my pictures. He played with that little ball for awhile. That little thing was a lifesaver.

5. If you want to entertain your toddler during tailgating there is a fun bingo game you can play. Make a bingo card with all the items you see while tailgating (cooler, hotdog, football, etc). Once you get to bingo you get a prize. I think I would love to play it too!

6. Toddlers are learning new sentences and words everyday. Try to make a football game a learning experience. Can you say football? Can you say score? Grayson say “Go Packers!”. Teach your toddler a football game vocabulary!

I hope you use these tips when you take your little one to a football game. He had a lot of fun cheering on his favorite team!

Tips for Taking your Toddler to a Football Game!