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Hey everyone!!

This was my outfit of the night last night when I went out for a girl’s night with 7 other girls. We ate at Sambuca at the gulch in Nashville, TN. We had a blast because the food is really good and there was a jazz band. When all my friends ordered drinks the waiter asked if I wanted a MOCK-tail, and I was so excited! So today I am posting about social life with kids. If you have a kid and want to hang out with friends, or if you are on the fence about having kids because you are afraid your social life is going to die a terrible death.

I have been on the fence about writing this blog post for a long time because I didn’t want to offend anyone on this subject. I think it’s okay for other mothers to have opinions different than mine but it doesn’t make my life or your life wrong. I think it is okay that me and another mother are different. So I wanted to talk about social life with kids and why I think it is healthy for my family.

I became pregnant with Grayson while I was in college and I noticed I was the first friend to have a kid out of my group of friends. Obviously my social life took a dip, and at the time I felt like my friends sort of “left me” in a way. That wasn’t really true at all but Chris and I both agree that hanging out with our friends away from family is important. It’s not more important then our own family but we both believe it’s healthy.

My first night without Grayson was my bachelorette party and I couldn’t stay the night away from him. I miss him every time I am away from him. I do so much for my family everyday. I obviously work 40 hours a week, I cook dinner, put him to bed etc. I think going out with the girls and having girls time is good for us.

It is also good for Chris to get a little guy time in for himself. I enjoy my days with Grayson alone and Chris will take Grayson out for a guys night when I am with the girls and it is just the cutest thing. So once a month I will plan something for just some “girl” time. Even if it is just going out to lunch, going shopping, or talking about girl things.

I had major guilt the first few times I went out with the girls. I even had people make a few comments to me about going out. That really hurt my feelings but there is always a balance. I do not feel like anyone should not have fun without the family. You can have a girls night, a date night, and go out with other couples. It does not make you a bad mother.

You are a great mother and you realize that you need a little time for yourself. Life is all about balance and doing what makes you happy. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about spending time away from your kids. You are doing a great job and you are a great mother. I just want to encourage other mothers out there that have ever felt bad about going out. You keep doing you because you are AWESOME.


Have a great weekend!!


Why Every Mom Needs a Girl’s Night.