The Color Pink.

  1. Melanie Moss says:

    Wow Kelly! That was a tear jerker ! Thanks for making me cry while I am sitting under a dryer at the hair salon! What a beautiful tribute to your mom! Prayers today for you and your mom! Having a girl myself, I know when she gets older she will not need me as much and probably have the same thoughts as you did toward your mom( as we all do as teenagers) but I hope she will realize one day that moms are the best blessings in life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glenda Lawson Newsom says:

    So glad that God gave you this time to write this for your mom. She will cherish it. Sometimes the choices we make take us on a totally different path than what our parents wanted for us. Those choices and benefits make us into the people we are today. It, also, takes those experiences to fully appreciate the people in our life. Prayers for you and your family.

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